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Pixel Kartel Studios


1. Validity of quotation

All quotations are valid for a period of 15 days. After this deadline, Pixel Kartel Studios cannot guarantee the execution or price as quoted due to production timelines and render schedules. A new quotation may be required.


2. Late confirmation

In case of a confirmation after the above mentioned date, the surcharge for express handling are fixed as followed:- 1 to 10 days late: 25%- 10 to 20 days late: 50%- above 20 days a new quotation is required. These surcharges only apply if the services can still be delivered and no delivery deadlines or third party deadlines elapsed.


3. Cancellation policy

In case of a cancellation after LPO, the following cancellation fees apply- LPO date to 14 calendar days prior to the first day of service (alt setup day): 25% of the total of this quotation- 7 to 14 calendar days prior to the first day of service (alt setup day): 50% of the total of this quotation- 7 calendar days or less prior to the first day of service (alt setup day): 100% of the total of this quotation


4. Infrastructure on site (If applicable)

Should Pixel Kartel Studios be delivering playback or live performances, clients assures that all required infrastructure on site is provided upon our arrival. This infrastructure includes:- dedicated power supplies 24/7 that are not shared with other devices besides prior agreement by Pixel Kartel Studios' technical director.


5. Travel and accommodation

Client provides Pixel Kartel Studios and their team with flights on major airlines only, no low-cost airlines are acceptable. Flight longer than 7 hours will require business class tickets. Accommodation will be provided in hotels, 4 star and above with Wifi and breakfast included in the room.


6. On site catering

For the whole duration of the production, client provides Pixel Kartel Studios and their team with sufficient food and beverages, at least one warm meal per day. 


7. Varying requirements

If any requirements, technically or content-wise, change after the preparation of the quotation, a revised or additional quotation is mandatory. This new or revised quotation requires an additional or new LPO. Without LPO and agreed payment terms, Pixel Kartel Studios maintain the right to step back from their offer.


8. Insurance

Client is responsible for equipment, transport and travel insurance if not agreed otherwise. Pixel Kartel Studios deliver all required data as well as the values and details of the equipment.


9. Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Client agrees to Pixel Kartel Studios' liability for the Client’s damages to the amount of Pixel Kartel Studios' fee and a maximum of USD1,000,000. This limitation shall apply regardless of the cause of action or legal theory pled or asserted.


10. Copyright

All proposals along with its contents and designs are provided on the understanding that if the proposal goes ahead without our involvement, the ideas, solutions and concepts are and remain the intellectual property of Pixel Kartel Studios. They will not be used without the involvement of Pixel Kartel Studios nor without their consent to use them in their absence.


11. Marketing

Unless previously agreed upon in writing, Pixel Kartel Studios reserves the right to communicate the extent of its involvement on any completed projects by referencing it on Pixel Kartel Studios' website and social media channels for marketing purposes. Should the client and/or agency wish so, their names will also be communicated alongside Pixel Kartel Studios for further referencing.


12. Confirmation

The above listed terms and conditions are part of the agreement between the client and Pixel Kartel Studios. With the LPO, the client confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to the above listed.

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